For more than 20 years, Financial Advisors has provided forensic accounting and expert witness services to attorneys and their clients. Our professionals have decades of experience providing financial analysis and accounting services. We have expertise in determining damages for many types of legal disputes.  Our services include the following:

Litigation Discovery Assistance

We know the accounting, tax, and financial documents to request in discovery to support and/or refute asserted claims.

Forensic Investigations

We conduct independent investigations and interview key personnel regarding allegations of fraud, financial irregularities, and other misconduct to understand and quantify the issues and concerns.

Expert Reports

We have extensive experience drafting expert reports in hundreds of litigation matters venued in Federal Courts, State Courts, AAA Arbitrations and FINRA Arbitrations. We conduct research, perform investigations, review discovery, and apply quality control checks to ensure that our expert reports and opinions are thorough, based on sufficient facts and data, and apply accepted principles and methods in a reliable manner to the relevant facts of the case.

Damage Claim Methodologies

We draw upon our education, training, experience, and routine review of case law to guide our identification and application of recognized and accepted methodologies that are consistent with the case facts and legal claims asserted.


We work with counsel and provide deposition assistance, including developing questions and identifying documents to use with fact witnesses and experts to verify and test the basis, logic, and support of the proffered testimony.

Trial Testimony

Our testifying experts are seasoned and trial tested. We have provided expert testimony in numerous trials and arbitrations in many states and federal districts. We work closely with counsel to simplify and present difficult accounting and financial concepts in easy-to-understand demonstrative exhibits that complement oral trial testimony.

Non-Litigation Financial Consulting Services

In addition to providing financial consulting services within the litigation and dispute resolution process, we apply our skills, education and experience to assist attorneys and clients with due diligence and valuation analysis related to the sale or acquisition of an entire company, a division and/or a product line. Among other things, we provide financial assistance with licensing and royalty issues.